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Holding A Conference? Make Sure It Doesn’T Fall Short With These 3 Catering Menu Ideas

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It can be extremely stressful to plan a conference. Attendees are investing a lot of their time – and sometimes their money – to come to your conference, so it is important that you show them that you value their commitment. Aside from putting together a presentation that is worth their time, it is a good idea to offer good food and beverages as well. Here are three catering menu ideas to ensure that you satisfy your guests’ taste buds in addition to their minds: Local Flavor If a large portion of your conference attendees are coming in from out of town, you may want to consider focusing on a menu that is full of some of the most popular fare from local caterers and/or vendors. For example, in Texas, your menu could focus on southern BBQ, while in Chicago, it could focus on deep dish pizza. This is one of the best ways to give your conference guests a unique and memorable experience. Sweet and Savory Who says that a catered conference has to be a full-fledged meal? This is particularly true if you are holding your conference in the middle of the afternoon in between lunch and dinner when most people aren’t going to want to eat a large meal. Rather than focusing on snacks that are limited to mixed fruit or plain, stale cookies, why not mix things up a bit and offer a snack bar full of a variety of sweet and savory popcorn, pretzels and more? You can offer plenty of toppings as well, including melted caramel, chocolate chips and marshmallows. This will not just cater to the sweet teeth of your guests, but it will also allow them to have a little bit of fun while they’re at it. Morning Brew If you’re having an early morning conference, then you will want to make sure to have a table that offers plenty of breakfast items. These can include the usual: donuts, muffins, fruit and yogurt. There’s also nothing wrong with having a caterer like Personal Touch Experience come in and offer some unique fare as well, though, such as some mini French toast bites. More importantly, you need to focus on the drink offerings. Rather than offering your guests the basic assortment of coffee and tea, why not spruce things up and offer multiple flavors (go bold!) of coffee and tea along with real condiments like flavored syrups, ground cinnamon, fresh cream and honey? It shows that you are willing to go above and beyond for your conference...

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Creating Unique Packaging For Your Bakery’s Easter Treats: Three Fun Ideas

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Easter offers bakeries a great opportunity to sell a range of sweet treats to customers. Creating unique packaging for these treats can help to make your baked goods stand out and give your customers and easy way to give cookies and cakes to loved ones for the holiday. Here are just a few fun ways to package your bakery’s various treats. Cookie Baskets Pastel-frosted sugar or butter cookies are ideal for Easter gift baskets. You can place your cookies in small wicker baskets and wrap them in colorful polypropylene bags to seal in freshness and add a festive look to the baskets. Round-bottom bags work best for this project, as they allow the baskets to sit flat on your counters or shelves. Customize each basket with metallic twist ties at the top of the bags. If you have custom labels for your bakery, place one over the front of each basket, and consider adding a few plastic Easter eggs filled with chocolates as a finishing touch. Easter Breads Easter breads are popular in many different cultures, and creating a beautiful way to package these breads for the holiday makes it easy for guests to set a stunning Easter dinner table. You can dress up regular clear polypropylene bags by placing the loaves in paper trays. You can purchase custom-printed paper trays in a variety of spring and Easter-inspired designs that bring a burst of color to your bread packaging. Use twine to tie each bag for a finishing touch. Easter Cake Pop Arrangements Cake pops are delicious treats that are great for passing out to little ones. You can create centerpieces with the cake pops your customers can use as gifts or as a way to decorate their holiday tables. Choose small pots designed for indoor flowers and plants, and place flower arrangement foam in the bottom. Wrap the cake pops in colored polypropelene bags and place them in the foam to create your arrangement. Be sure that the foam sits close to the top of the pot. To cover the foam, you can use plastic Easter grass to mimic the look of real grass, or you can use shaved coconut and food coloring to create an edible base for the arrangement. Add a few pieces of holiday chocolate in the grass and cover the entire arrangement in a round-bottom clear bag to finish each collection of cake pops. You can sell these arrangements for Easter or all throughout spring. Use these ideas for your bakery’s Easter treats, or come up with a few on your own to make your items stand out and entice your customers. Contact a food service supplier, like Uniko Food Services, for more packaging...

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Food Service Management: How Successful Companies Are Adjusting To Changing Habits And Preferences

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Food management companies supply schools, hospitals and the military (among others) with everything they will need to keep their kitchens and dining halls operating smoothly. Their task is to find the highest quality products at the most reasonable price. They also must be able to store and ship an enormous inventory of products and stay updated on changing food preferences. This ensures their clients can create meals that will be appreciated. What is new is how focused these companies are on supplying healthier products and staying in touch with their clients’ needs. Here are some recent changes that have been taking place in this part of the food industry. Preventing Animal Cruelty It is a fact of life that farm animals are going to be a part of the food industry; however, many companies are insisting the farms that supply them take a humane approach to their businesses. This includes receiving their eggs only from farms that have cage-free poultry and insisting on larger living spaces for cattle and pigs. Understanding Faith-based Restrictions Kosher meals have been available in many colleges and other institutions for years, but for other religions, it was not always possible to eat according to their religious restrictions. Today it is different as an awareness of this gap in the industry has been noticed. Now it is much easier for kitchen managers to meet special requests because of the products food companies are offering. This includes vegetarian meals for Buddhists and Hindus and halal-certified foods for Muslims. The industry is working to even making it easier for Catholic schools to supply fast and healthy meals according to their standards. Improving Health Standards With so much information available about how over-processed, calorie laden foods are negatively affecting everyone, many institutions and individuals are working hard to find healthier options. More attention has been given to providing fresh, organic produce, dairy and meats whenever possible. Even packaged or frozen foods are more carefully selected, with the focus being on whole grains and fewer additives and preservatives. Nutrition and Food Prep Training A few food service management companies are hiring professional chefs to go into the kitchens they supply and to help the staff to learn new skills and to discover new recipes. This free service gives tips for healthier cooking and encourages the staff to try new, trendy products. In addition to what they provide, how they are able to provide it is changing as well. Kitchen managers use various types of technology to make ordering faster and more efficient. With inventory lists online, everyone is able to see all of the products the company has to offer, making it easier to create a more interesting menu. All of this ends up benefitting the students, patients and hotel guests who rarely ever realize where their food actually comes from.   For more information about working with a food service management company, contact a company like New Horizon...

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Say I Do At A BBQ

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If you are planning a simple, country style wedding or a small wedding in your own backyard, consider treating your guests to an old fashioned barbecue. You can combine the laid back experience of eating food cooked outdoors with the elegance of a wedding. Here are some ideas.  Country Decor You can create a romantic outdoor setting by seating your guests outside under a large tent. String lights underneath the tent and hang candles in jars from surrounding trees. Keep centerpieces small. Tree branches and freshly cut flowers in a mason jar look great on round tables.  If you are going for a more informal feel, consider seating your guests at picnic tables. Cover the tables with lace tablecloths or with traditional red and white checks.  An old country barn with a high ceiling makes a beautiful venue for a wedding reception or ceremony.  Offer Great Food Serve a great locally crafted beer.  Have catering staff at the grill serving steak, veggies or other meats grilled to order. Set up a huge salad bar with every choice a guest could want.  Create a buffet with a variety of potato salads, coleslaw and vegetable sides. Have freshly baked cornbread ready. Offer several barbecued meats like pork, chicken and brisket. Treat guests to a whole roasted pig.  Choose a traditional wedding cake, or serve guests a surprising dessert like bacon topped cupcakes or strawberry shortcake piled high with pink whipped cream.  The Details Great details can make your event. Here are some ways to add a little spice to your barbecue. Write your menu on a chalkboard, and lean it against a tree.  Serve drinks in mason jars.  Use rustic wooden crates to hold food and flowers.  Hire a bluegrass band to play for guests.  Dress the wedding party in vintage country lace and slacks with white shirts.  Write table assignments on fragrant pieces of wood cut from the trunks of trees.  Place flowers on hay bales near the entrance of the venue.  Section off a piece of grass or dirt, and designate it as the dance floor. Surround it with candles in jars, or scatter flower petals around it.  A barbecue wedding can be an elegant and simple affair, or it can be a rollicking country hoedown. It can even be a combination of the two. Either way make your event memorable with amazing food and details that guests will love.  Talk to catering experts like Bassett Caterers for more...

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Opening A New Restaurant For The First Time? Learn How To Clean Your Deep Fryer

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If you are opening a new restaurant for the first time, you should learn how to clean the deep fryer. This not only extends the life of it, but you will likely have less problems with it. The last thing you want to happen is to have a restaurant full of people when your fryers go down. Drain the Oil Before you start, give it time to completely cool down. Depending on how large it is, this may take a few hours. The next step is to drain the oil. Refer to the owner’s manual on how to do this. Most fryers have a hose located near the front that is used to drain it. Drain the oil into a metal container that is large enough to hold all of it. You can then take the oil to a recycling center. If you decide to do this, you will need to strain the oil first to remove any food particles. If you throw it away, put it in a disposable, airtight container first. Clean the Interior Once the oil is out, use a scraper to remove any stuck-on food on the sides, bottoms, and corners. If you leave this stuck-on food in the fryer, it can change the way food tastes. Do not forget about cleaning the baskets and utensils you use. Place them in a sink filled with hot soapy water and let them soak for a while to make them easier to clean. You may need to use a scrub brush on the basket if it is particularly dirty. Clean the Element and Refill While the oil is drained, clean the element by wiping it down with a damp rag, making sure any built up grease is removed. If you leave it dirty, it may not heat the food properly. Now you can go ahead and refill it with new oil, and put the basket back in. Follow the instructions in the user’s manual on how full you should fill it with the oil. Even after regularly cleaning your deep fryer, you could still have problems with it. If this happens, do not try to repair it yourself, but instead hire a commercial broiler repair professional to do it for you. You can contact the manufacturer who should be able to tell you some service agencies in your area. You should also check if your fryer is under warranty, as some of the repairs may be...

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