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Finding the Right Bakery

Whether you need to throw a birthday party or you're planning a wedding, finding the right baker can be as important as finding the right caterer. Sure, you may get lucky and find a caterer that does both, but it's just as likely that you'll need to find a separate baker to make that dinosaur-shaped birthday cake or tower of coupcakes in the shape of a wedding cake. When you need to find a good baker, attending a cake tasting can be very important. The point is not to gorge on cake (as much fun as that may be) it's to taste the different flavors and styles and see if that baker's food is right for your party. In this blog, I'll be sharing information about what to look for in a bakery to help you find the perfect baked goods for your event.


Holding A Conference? Make Sure It Doesn’T Fall Short With These 3 Catering Menu Ideas

It can be extremely stressful to plan a conference. Attendees are investing a lot of their time – and sometimes their money – to come to your conference, so it is important that you show them that you value their commitment. Aside from putting together a presentation that is worth their time, it is a good idea to offer good food and beverages as well. Here are three catering menu ideas to ensure that you satisfy your guests' taste buds in addition to their minds: Read More 

Creating Unique Packaging For Your Bakery’s Easter Treats: Three Fun Ideas

Easter offers bakeries a great opportunity to sell a range of sweet treats to customers. Creating unique packaging for these treats can help to make your baked goods stand out and give your customers and easy way to give cookies and cakes to loved ones for the holiday. Here are just a few fun ways to package your bakery's various treats. Cookie Baskets Pastel-frosted sugar or butter cookies are ideal for Easter gift baskets. Read More 

Food Service Management: How Successful Companies Are Adjusting To Changing Habits And Preferences

Food management companies supply schools, hospitals and the military (among others) with everything they will need to keep their kitchens and dining halls operating smoothly. Their task is to find the highest quality products at the most reasonable price. They also must be able to store and ship an enormous inventory of products and stay updated on changing food preferences. This ensures their clients can create meals that will be appreciated. Read More 

Say I Do At A BBQ

If you are planning a simple, country style wedding or a small wedding in your own backyard, consider treating your guests to an old fashioned barbecue. You can combine the laid back experience of eating food cooked outdoors with the elegance of a wedding. Here are some ideas.  Country Decor You can create a romantic outdoor setting by seating your guests outside under a large tent. String lights underneath the tent and hang candles in jars from surrounding trees. Read More 

Opening A New Restaurant For The First Time? Learn How To Clean Your Deep Fryer

If you are opening a new restaurant for the first time, you should learn how to clean the deep fryer. This not only extends the life of it, but you will likely have less problems with it. The last thing you want to happen is to have a restaurant full of people when your fryers go down. Drain the Oil Before you start, give it time to completely cool down. Depending on how large it is, this may take a few hours. Read More